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This website is dedicated to my mother, Mrs. Tobe Cohen of Boynton Beach, Florida (formerly Potomac, Maryland).

In 1989 my mother painstakingly categorized and typed many of her recipes into a book which she then copied and gave to friends and family.  This was before Al Gore invented the internet, before personal computers, before word processor programs that we have today.  The book was titled “Taste the Memories”.  The title speaks to the tradition of Jewish cooking which is passed from generation to generation.  My mother was taught to cook by her mother as is customary in a Jewish household.  I created this website to continue the tradition of “Taste the Memories” and build on it.  The intent is to expose a wider circle of friends and family to my mother’s wonderful recipe book.  I can also add to the growing collection of recipes.  Although the recipes in the book contain measurements often times ingredients were not measured.  Terms such as a “pinch”, or a”smidgen” are often used to describe the amount of ingredient.  My mother did her best to translate these to traditional measuring amounts such as a teaspoon or tablespoon.


Please feel free to send me your recipes, comments, feedback or other ideas for this site.

October 2017
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"Gehakteh leber iz besser vi gehakteh tsores."
(Chopped liver is better than miserable troubles.)
"Tsum shlimazel muz men oich mazel hoben."
(Even for bad luck one needs luck.)
"Odem yesode meofe vesofe leofe,” beyno—lveyno iz gut a trink bronfn."
(“A man comes from the dust and in the dust he will end”—and in the meantime it is good to drink vodka.)
"Afile der raykhster zeyger hot nit mer vi zekhtsik minut."
(Even the most expensive clock has no more than 60 minutes)
"A shlimazl falt afn rukn un tseklapt zikh di noz."
(A shlimazl falls on his backside and bruises his nose)